Electroluminiscence and LED

Valver offers the two illumination possibilities on the market:

Light-Emitting Diode (LED): LED lighting, which consists of a light emitting diode. Among the advantages that this technology brings, it’s worth highlighting: great light intensity, low power consumption and long term of utility.

It is mainly aimed at the automotive industry, especially for interior car parts, but it can cater to other sectors.

Electroluminiscence (EL): The EL lamp is basically a capacitor structure with an inorganic phosphor sandwiched between the electrodes. The application of an AC voltage across the electrodes generates a changing electric field within the phosphor particles causing them to emit light.

This technology enables printing on different surfaces, such as acrylic or polyester. The materials that it uses are thin, flexible and lightweight. They are used for many purposes; as for electronic devices, bicycles, watches, toys and, among others, for the automotive industry.

Other features: Uniform surface illumination of complex shapes, reduced consumption, variety of colours and design.


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