The core process most directly related to Valver is Screen Printing. The know-how acquired since our inception and the versatility of this technology enables and supports our constantly innovative screen printing.
Doming consists of the application of polyurethane resin on silkscreen printed decals or plotter. This technology transforms a simple decorative label into a three-dimensional one.
This is a Revolutionary and innovative technology that has successfully entered our manufacturing processes.Thanks to Ecodomes, three-dimensional emblems, labels and trademarks can be produced.

Kromex is a patented technology for in house manufacturing of 3D emblems with chrome external finish. Kromex emblems offers major flexibility and a wide range of finishes (silver, brass...) and textures.
It is a unique technology that preserves metal emblems (aluminium, steel and others). These emblems are protected with a 200 micron layer of transparent polyurethane resin.
In order to monitor and control the whole process in our factory, with no need to outsource, Valver has integrated the injection process in its activity.

In-mould decoration is a versatile and cost-effective method of decorating and manufacturing plastic parts. The decoration occurs during the injection process.
IMD is a popular method of decorating injection moulded parts. We commonly use polycarbonate as label material for subsequent placement in the injection mould.
Valver offers the two illumination possibilities on the market: EL technology and illumination by LED.