In-mould decoration is a versatile and cost-effective method of decorating and manufacturing plastic parts. The decoration occurs during the injection process, placing the pre-printed and already shaped film over the mould.
First and second surface printings, designed for several plastic films such as PC, PC-blend, ABS, PMMA, etc.

Quick incorporation of design changes in colours (by silkscreen), finishes (satin, gloss, chrome, metallic, wood...), textures (flat, brushed and other surfaces) and shapes. Not only is IMD able to combine different finishes and textures in the same part, it is also capable to do it with a single operation.

After forming, thanks to being performed by high pressure, it ensures the quality of the film, and also its brightness and colour lasting.

IMD is characterised by its cost effectiveness and short-time processing. That is because the injection, the last step to complete the process, is 100% automatable.

This technology passes the most stringent tests from automotive manufacturers. Unlike metallization, IMD is a clean and environmentally friendly technology.

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