About us

Valver was founded in 1986 as a manufacturer of decorative and functional parts for the automotive industry.

Today, our main activity is still focused in the production of parts, having expanded our supply to include other sectors with whom we have already established new business relationships.

Similarly, our portfolio of projects reflects that the company's range of products has also been increased and constantly renewed. As well as decorative pieces, we also manufacture functional parts, such as safety stickers on sun visors, soundproofing labels, steering wheel emblems and similar products.

The experience and knowledge acquired during our history have helped us to identify new business opportunities; thereby, we believe that investing in new technologies and adapting our structure towards the customer’s needs is strategically important. Some of the business opportunities that we have identified are key markets for us today.

Valver has been characterised from its beginning by a significant investment in R&D, which has resulted in the development of one of the broadest portfolios of products in the industry today, with a substantial number of patents.

From a technological point of view, Valver is a pioneer in its field not only in Europe but globally. Today, Valver is the Spanish company with the most advanced technology in this industry, the fourth in Europe and twentieth worldwide.



Valver has two manufacturing plants. The main production plant and Head Office are located in Galicia (Spain). A second production plant is situated in Portugal, less than 30 miles away from the Head Office. It also has Sales Offices in other locations in Spain and Germany.

In 2014 Valver establishes a new plant in Colombia named Valver Colombia SAS (Medellin). The purpose is to expand our business in South America and to maintain already existing relationships in that continent.

The organizational structure of Valver provides several advantages to our customers. Among these advantages it’s worth highlighting our ability to react to sudden, unpredicted changes in customer’s demands or market changes.. Improvement of ideas, design modifications or even changes in technical specifications can be promptly met thanks to the integration of all production processes within the company (silk screen, cutting and stamping processes, injection molding, quality control…).

Valver's competitive advantage resides in the wide range of products and technologies that we offer. In addition to this, our customer advisory service offers innovative solutions, providing a unique and tailored product that meets the customer requirements.



Valver’s Vision

  • Our vision is to be leaders in the screen printing industry, offering a wide range of distinctive products and customised solutions, and to provide exceptional customer service and satisfaction, by investing in new cleantech.

  • Valver’s Mission

    Valver's mission is to be the leading supplier for the automotive industry, to increase our customer base in the market for decoration of bicycles, motorcycles, helmets and appliances.

    Since its inception, our mission is to constantly innovate, by continued investments in new technologies, proactive analysis of potential markets, and active advice to clients on new technology advances, innovative products and solutions that exceed their expectations. Valver works collaboratively to develop the best solutions for our customers, communities and people.

  • Valver’s Values

The secret to our success in business can be clearly identified by three specific values.

  • Experience: Personnel highly qualified.
  • Innovation: Product range continually improved, further developed and optimised.
  • Flexibility: Projects individually tailored to your requirements.